Nightlyre's Realm:


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In the caverns lives the dragon known as the Keeper of Visions. Here, you will find my artwork and portfolio, including traditional artwork and sketches, digital work, web design, and more.

Art Galleries

These are the main galleries, divided by subject, containing traditional media such as pencil, ink and paint, sketches, and some of my Photoshop work. The subjects of my work include dragons and other fantasy creatures, furry (anthropomorphic) art, animals, and some of my various characters from roleplaying and stories.


This section includes examples of my website design, interactive media and games created in Flash and Director, and some video, created in After Effects or rendered from 3-D Studio Max.


The main crafting I do is costuming, which is covered in detail in its own territory of the Realm. This section is for the other crafting projects that I have done, including the infamous yarn people.