About the Artist

Shirley Phipps    Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the spirit of the southwest is in my blood, heart, and soul. Being able to express that love when I got involved in slip-cast ceramic pottery was a very special time in my life. It's so gratifying to create pieces that have been admired by my peers, professionals, and even Native Americans. The traditional styles are my favorite, and therefore, I am constantly researching and inquiring to maintain the truest of patterns, colors, stories, and spirit.

    My pieces are one-of-a-kind and many have taken top awards and ribbons in art shows and ceramic competitions.

    I love teaching seminars in design and technique, and I have had two books published on how to do Southwest style Indian pottery. "A Touch of Santa Fe" and "Santa Fe and Beyond" not only have instructions, but also preceding each article is a history, legend, or information about the piece being constructed. These have been very popular, especially in places with little or no information available in these areas.

Designed by Sarrah Phipps
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