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A Touch of Santa FeA TOUCH OF SANTA FE

     Strong ties to the beauty of the American Southwest- the land, its people and their arts- prompted Shirley Phipps to create ceramic works evoking the sensation of the region's majestic grandeur and mystique. Echoing the subtle hues of the land itself and the striking colors employed by the area's Native Americans for their pottery, jewelry, and woven goods, the projects in this book will serve as inspirations to any ceramist.

     Each project, beautifully illustrated by color photography, describes in step-by-step fashion the method and materials necessary to duplicate the piece. Patterns including color legends are supplied for many of the projects to increase your pleasure in their creation.

     A welcome and informative addition to any hobbyist's library, this is a book you will turn to again and again to enrich your pleasure in ceramics.

Santa Fe and BeyondSANTA FE AND BEYOND

     Following in the same vein as her book, A Touch of Santa Fe, the author continues to explore the art and customs of Native American peoples. Beautiful in themselves, many Indian works of art also have deep traditional or religious significance and often serve as ties with the natural or spirit worlds. Shirley Phipps not only relates the interesting background and legends associated with various types of Indian pottery, but will also direct you with detailed instructions as you reproduce exquisitely-detailed ceramic pieces in the style of Indian artists.

     The many step-by-step projects in this book are illustrated with beautiful color photographs. A list of required materials accompanies each project and detailed patterns and color keys are included when necessary.

     This book is sure to be a valuable learning tool and is one that should be in the library of every hobby ceramist and of anyone who enjoys the beauty of Indian artifacts.

Designed by Sarrah Phipps
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